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Tenchu Wrath of heaven

Unlock All Items
To unlock all items, go to the Items screen, hold R1+L1, then press UP, SQUARE, SQUARE, LEFT, SQUARE, SQUARE, DOWN, SQUARE, SQUARE, RIGHT, SQUARE, SQUARE.
Regain Health
To regain all health, pause the game and press UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, SQUARE, SQUARE, SQUARE.
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Increase Items
For extra items and money, go to the items screen, hold R2 and L2, and then press SQUARE, SQUARE, SQUARE, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT.
Unlock All Characters
To unlock all characters, go to the title screen. Then press L1, R2, L2, R1, RIGHT, LEFT, L3, R3.
Unlock All Missions
To unlock all missions, go to the Mission Select screen. Then press L1, R1, L2, R2, RIGHT, SQUARE, L3, R3.
Unlock All Layouts
To unlock all layouts, go to the Mission Select screen. Then press R3, L3, R2, L2, R1, L1.
Unlock Bonus Stage
To unlock the Bonus Stage, go to the title screen, then press L1, UP, R1, DOWN, L2, RIGHT, R2, LEFT.
Ageha Kissing Ayame
Unlock All Stages (Multi-player)
At the mission select screen for multi-player, press L1, R1, L2, R2, RIGHT, SQUARE, L3, R3.
Ageha Kissing Ayame
Special Move Cheat
While playing, pause and hold L1 + L2. Now press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, release the L buttons, press SQUARE, SQUARE, R1, R2.
Ageha Kissing Ayame
Stock Infinite Items
On the item selection screen, hold all the shoulder buttons and press SQUARE, SQUARE, SQUARE, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, SQUARE, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT. Note item slots are limited to six, but the item stock is now unlimited!
Ageha Kissing Ayame
Play Demo Stage
On the title screen, press UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, X, X, X.
Ageha Kissing Ayame
Score Cheats
To display the score, pause while playing and enter RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT on the right controller.

You can also add points artificially by this same method, except you need to hold L1 + R1 while pressing RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT.

Ageha Kiss Ayame
Portable Ninja Brainwipe Machine Cheat
NOTE: You need two controllers (the right controller needs to be at least an Analog Controller) to do this cheat.

Pause (START) on the left controller and on the right controller, press L1, R3, R1, L3, RIGHT, SQUARE, UP, SQUARE, L2, LEFT, SQUARE, DOWN, R2. The game will unpause and you may control the nearest enemy using the right controller when your character is near enough in Story Mode.

Unlock Outtakes
On the title screen, hold L1 + R2 press DOWN, SQUARE, UP, SQUARE, RIGHT, SQUARE, LEFT, SQUARE. The choice will be listed OPTIONS -> AUDIO -> LANGUAGE -> B-SIDE.
Hint: Easy Falling

In this game, jumping from high above to a level or ground below will stun you for a split second, sometimes leaving you vulnerable to enemy attacks and other threats. To avoid this from ever happening, simply press the X button to attack right before you land. This will allow Tenchu to attack in a downward slash, negating the otherwise-ill effects from a high fall.

An addition by Reyu17: When falling from a high place, you can do the tumble, but it will leave you temporarily vulnerable to enemy attacks. To prevent such an occurrence, hold down the stealth button (R1) while falling, holding the button until you land. If you do this properly, you’ll land crouched instead of tumbling, making you instantly ready to deal with any enemy threat.

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